Det finnes mange å lære fra

When Mahatma Gandhi spoke up against oppression in India, he spoke as a pasifist. The indians who remember him need to cherish the legacy he left behind. If we look at the indian party BJP today, they are oppressing muslims. By hitting muslims to blod. Just because they do not want to accept the religion of hinduism. Many men are beaten up daily. While the world is silenced. Why is the world taking this lightly? Oppression does not have any religion. It is force. It is misuse of power. It is holding back basic rights of humans. Indians in india should raise their voice against the oppressors. The hindus in india should raise their voice against the oppression of muslims. The people of India can easily give rights to the the hindus, the christians and the muslims, without any clashes, without any fighting, without any oppression. If Indians in india can reclaim the legacy of their forefather Mahatma Ghandi, they are able to regain peace and tranquility in their country. I plead to all indians in India as brothers and sisters of humanity. Please stop the oppression of muslims in India.
And help them. Stand with them as people who enjoin humanity in your country. May Allah strenghten the brotherhood of humanity in India, and to help indians learn of the great legacy of Mahatma Ghandi. Aamen

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