Preferential treatment of sons in asian families

There is ignorance that is left in the ummah. That is to think that without a son, their name will not be inherited in the next generation. So they are eager to have sons, rather than daughters. And this is also a reason why many parents give preference to their sons over their daughters. This is from the time of ignorance. Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) was harmed by people, because he had daughters, He spoke about the rights of daughters. Those who treat them good is promised paradise. And those who are evil to their daughters are promised hell-fire. And look today at the state of the ummah. This practice of ignorance about treating sons better than daughters, is still alive. When asian family’s have sons, they distribute laddo to their friends. But if they have daughters, the same family’s does not distribute laddo to their friends. Many sons live a life where parents give them extreme freedom. While the daughters are over-protected. The asian parents need to balance the upbringing of their children. Many husband pressurize their wife to give them a son, when they find out that they are pregnant. While they have not understanding of the fact that it is the fathers y-cromosome that decides the gender of the child. How can we change this practice from today?

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