Can you afford to give 1 dollar -1 pund – 1 kr?

If you give 1 kr sadqa every day for
1 month that is 30kr. For year that is
365 kr. If 10 000 people give 1 kr for a month that is 300 000 kr for a month. For a year sadqa of I kr from 10000 people is 3,6 mill kr. It’s amazing the great impact people can accomplish if they join hands to help their brothers and sister. Ikr every day for a year is not diffifult for the average family. If you give sadqa on behalf of your family everyday. Allah will give them aafia. Sadqa extinguish the fire of jahannum. You will get prayers from people who are helped out of difficult lives. For
Ummah Fund (vipps 17700)

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