An unspoken Asian problem in Norway

Men who are brought from Asia to Norway in marriage with an asian women who is half Norwegian can experience pressure. The women has to take the role as the provider until the husband manages the norwegian language and a job. He has to start at scratch building a network of friends and social network. Not being able to visit his network in asia as often as he want. Is it possible that the network of the wife in Norway can oppress her husband? By controlling whom he interacts with? It does take some time before he can get a job. In that process. Is it possible that the network of the wife’s family, can pressurize him. In what choices he makes for his family?
This is hardly discussed in Norway. And it’s a Asian problem. A misandri problem. We agree that women who move to Norway can be oppressed. Why do we overlook that the husbands who move to Norway can have similar pressure on them. Hardly anyone who wants to speak about this. And thats a problem. A cultural problem (ukultur).

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