And still you can’t stop?

I don’t know much about physics, chemistry, gravity. But it makes sence if we ponder about : If an plane, throws a pumpkin from 1000 meters above the ground. And the pumpkin is so and so heavy. It will take x minutes, before that pumpkin reaches the ground. One hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) related that he (pbuh) was sitting with sahaba (raa) when he heard a sound. He (pbuh) told that the sound was a stone that had been thrown from the top hell and it took 70 years for it to reach the bottom of hell.

In dunya throwing a stone takes but a few minutes, while in hell it takes 70 years for a stone to reach bottom. That tells a lot about the degrees of punishments of the hell. Especially for those who consistently break prohibitions, while having no remorse/guilt, correcting onself at all. It will only lead to a worse section of hell. Important to remember for those who forget.

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