For 5 minutes of pleasure between a male and a female

For 5 minutes of pleasure a male and a female create a human who will live 80 – 90 years (giennomsnittsalder). Who has to live a life maybe without one parent. Probably in poor condition. This disagreement could also happen to married couples. Where the mother says she is using the pill. The father doesn’t want a child right now. And she became pregnant on purpose, to be mean to her husband. The male is not heard. What if a male was raped by a woman. The woman got pregnant. And she wants to keep the child? The rights of the males are ignored. Everyone always thinks (forutinntatt) that the male is the rapist. So we overlook the abuse women and girls have done. Thats dangerous. These children will come to a world, where they are not wanted. By (one) of their parents or the society. Allah (Islam) gives right to the fetus before it is made. That those who have intercourse are married. So the child knows the fathers name. And the parents have responsability towards their children. The society today, gives freedom that could lead to humans who will live a difficult life. Giving freedom to those who have sex freely, decreases the rights of the fetus. And that is what destroys communities, worldwide.

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