Brighter future?

The most dangerous city in U.S. is detroit. according to google. If anyone there saw a criminal action, chances are they would overlook. Because of the retaliations against witnesses of crimes. No one wants to risk their lives or their family’s lives, to do the right thing, in a city, where the witness protection system isn’t giving them the protection they need. Imagine if Oslo would become like that? If people dared not to report a crime
(whistleblow) because of insecurity. That wouldn’t lead to less crimes. But that could lead less people to complaint to the authorities. That would be a loss. If one incident of less witness protection. would lead thousands to report crimes Im positive for Oslo because of the City Council (Arbeldertparuet. SV. MDG) of Oslo are doing their bit, to keep the crime rate low, after they had to «clean» after the previous City Council (høyre-byråd). who didn ‘t make any efforts for the youngsters. They closed the activities for youngster. And this City Council made numerous new places for youngsters, to utilize their skills. And to do something productive. Instead of being another number on the list of those who increased the crimes. They make many look brighter at their future.

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