The cartoon ban of New York Times

Jews and Christians doesn’t always see the satire of their religion as a problem. While if you ask muslims the same, they would strongly want a stop of satire when it’s about Islam. But what if the satire is about leaders of people, who are doing actions that have extreme effects on people worldwide. And noone dares to speak against them, even if people are killed as a consequence of their policies. If noone dares to speak against them. Will satire help the situation? If their helpers stop anyone who speaks against them and are persecuted in their country, who will say anything against them then? I think that talking with respect to prove your point, will make it easier for those one is speaking against, to at least think about the comment, and maybe accept the info, even if they do not want to change their policies. When we create satire of people, it wont help them become better people Most probably, these people’s self-worth will make them start actions against those media who try speak against them. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) always said, speak the truth, and speak with wisdom, don’t ridicule or humiliate When people (jews) said death upon you, hadhrat Ayesha (may Allahs peace and blessings be upon her) said the same back, than Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said don’t say that to them, instead say «same to you». Prophet (pbuh) said
‘because their supplications will not be accepted, while Allah will accept our supplications agaimst them’ . If satire only increases the problem then what does it help to express it. In every debate, we want people to speak their opinion, to solve a problem, to understand the views on both sides, to make better decisions in the future. And to help people vote for people who are good for the society and the communities. A good debate, IS much more mind-changing, than making people see others being ridiculed because of their harmful policies. In order for a good debate, we need people who dare to express these opinions. Help people. Educate people. Help people see the truth of the harm of the wrong’ policies. Realization of the thought «this could happen to us», if we will not help them today.

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