Minorities in Pakistan – A request to the PM

As a minority when I complain to the majority of people in Norway, their response is often times. Go back where you came from. Though I have only been in Pakistan five times. The next response of ethnic Norwegians is that, why should we give you muslims more rights, when christians in Pakistan are often oppressed. My response to them is that, why do I have to pay for that when I’m born in Norway. So what happens to the minority of christians in Pakistan, is used against my rights. If we look at why some christians speak against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), can the reason be that they are an angry minority, and aren’t given their rights. So they get so angered that they speak against what muslim Pakistanis sees as esteemed. If the Prime Minister can find motivation from the seerah of Prophet Muhammd (pbuh) life. Minorities where given their rights in muslim places. They were treated fairly. Like when a jew asked Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to pass a judgement, because he (pbuh) is honest and fair. While the fasiq muslim wanted them to go to another fasiq, because his decisions could be easily bribed. The reasons why minorities are discriminated in Pakistan can be like the caste-system that still remains in the society after Pakistan parted from India. Although the caste-system is against Islam, most Pakistani treat people with low castes differently. Islam on the contrary, says all men are equal, and the best are those with good character. Though the discrimination between rich and poor, the low cast and the high cast, the muslim and the christian, is still under the surface. Whenever we try to speak about it. Some people say that you don ‘t respect Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). While the reason for speaking up against discrimination of all kinds, is in fact that one does love his sunnah (pbuh). Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said to his wife Aisha (raa) don’t use cruel words against them. Because our deen is merciful. So just say, «the same upon you». (When some non-muslims said death upon you). As a Prime Minister, you are responsible for the whole flock.
So it is important, that you help the minorities in Pakistan, so they can live with dignity, respect and given their rights. Often the weak are oppressed in the job market, when they want to marry, and in general because of low class, middle class, high class. So I hope you can help change this oppression.
Because how Pakistan is towards their minorities, has an impact on how Pakistanis are treated when they live abroad as a minority.

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