How does non-muslims teach their children ethics? We muslims can refer to the day of account, Allah the most Just, Allah is All-Aware, every deed is recorded, Allah Sees everything, Allah’s Anger, Allah’s punishments, The day of reckoning, the day Allah, will judge and no one will be judged wrong. Each who has done a atom of good will know it. Each who has done a atom of evil will know it. 

How can people teach their children ethics, if they think all their mistakes are forgiven because of their faith? How will they than explain certain wicked people in their own faith? Will these evil people never have to pay for what they have done on this earth? The killing of innocent blood? We muslims have such a perfect religion that teaches us great ethics. If we agree that we have good rules of ethics in Islam, why are we muslims not able to teach proper ethics to the children in muslim community? How can we explain the struggle of poor ethics in our ummah today? Maybe the reason is the poor practice of Islam in our life.