Is an Afghani life worth just as much as an American life?

AfghanistanMedia is biased. It does not always talk the truth. Most of the journalist are allies of the US/jews and therefore they don`t talk about what really happens in reality. Jews and christians are allies of each other and talk ill of Islam. Especially when there is something that talks against themselves. For instance. When people in afghanistan or Pakistan are murdered by the US, they only tell fewer amount than what the real number of casualties are. They try to write the casualties in small numbers. But if american are killed in any attack they blow up the number and blame Islam right away. Maybe we should blame christianity for the casualties by US in afghanistan war or Pakistani borders than. They who killed them are christians, right?

Why doesn`t anyone raise a finger and point at the US. They are killing people, families, children, women because of a war without any meaning to it. Even if the numbers are only told in small amounts, behind every life that is killed, there are maybe a few hundred lives that are affected. We can`t put an amount of 11 kids that are being killed under the rug, because their just such a small amount. Think about the family’s that are left behind. How can children have anything to do with a war? Why are they killing families? When they kill civilians in afghan or pakistan or any muslim country, they conceal the number of casualties, and don`t talk about it. But when some americans are killed they always blame it on the muslims and blow up the number in their newspaper, put it on the frontage etc, and want the muslim community to condemn it. This is their double standards. Why can`t they condemn as followers of christianity, when they kill muslim children and women in muslim countries. Though they and the whole community expect us muslims to condemn the attacks that some people do just because their names are muslims. Islam doesn`t have anything to do with those attacks. Because Islam says that if you slay a person without any reason it is as if you have slayed the whole mankind and if you save a life it is as if you have saved the whole mankind. Slaying people just because you disagree with them is not Islam and not thought by our book Quran.

Every life is precious be it an american or an Afghani, muslim or not. No one has the right to label a war and kill innocent people just to gather their people against Islam. If Islam is their enemy how can so many people convert/ revert to this religion from their own kind and live peacefully in their own country? The US`s biggest threat is Islam because it is growing and people find this religion appealing. They are afraid that the muslims will govern the world and they will be left behind. That`s why they are trying to twist the Islam in their media from reality. They are afraid that if muslims will increase their own religion will be forgotten. Well wake up, it already is. How many people from their kind do practice their own religion? Most of them have become atheist because they have gone far away from their own religion. When religion is made a private issue instead of the state`s issue that is what happens, people leave religion. People forget it and live their lives without knowing what their own religion is teaching. That is what the case is here in Norway and in the rest of the West.

The US politicians are the ones we should blame if a terrorist attack happens in their country. The US is the only responsible one. Why? Because of their double standards in their politics, killing innocent family’s in muslim countries that doesn`t have anything to do with the war they themselves have founded. Just think about the thought for a moment. Someone kills your whole family. Someone kills the people whom have raised you up or your children. The people who you love the most are dreadfully killed. Don`t you think that the only thing that would be on your mind is revenge? People killing innocent children and women, because of what? They are feeding the extremists. Those people feed those family’s that has lost any family member and tell them who their enemy is. Wake up! Children in Palestine throw stones at the jew soldiers, and they fire back with guns. Who is the real enemy here? Is this fair? Is it fair that the US is funding Israel, an extremist state? Is it fair that Norway is buying weapons from Israel? They are funding an extremist state Israel that has taken over a country that wasn`t their own. We can`t excpect them to be fair because this is business to them. If americans are killed we start a war, if Afghanis or Pakistanis are killed nothing happens. The figures doesn`t even raise an eyebrow of an US politician. Are those human beings worth nothing to them? Is a life not a life be it Afghani or American? I guess not to them.

When the US will try to find peaceful ways of resolving their conflicts instead of using war, only then will the extremist put down their weapons and we will experience peace in the world. If we expect that killing innocent lives wont result in any retaliation, I better burst your bubble, because that ain`t happening. The US government is the biggest extremist and when they will begin to deal fairly with the countries they deal with, than they will experience long-lasting peace in sha Allah. May Allah give hidayah to the US government. Ameen summa ameen. Remember one thing, hates bread hate. If someone kills any of your family members I know you are not the one that will send choclate and candy to their house. Saying “thank you”. No matter how many quarrels you have had with that person, family is family, and we don`t want or like them to get brutally killed by an enemy. The US war agains terrorism is a war based on a lie. I hope they wake up an realize that soon, before more lives are killed, meaninglessly.

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