Who are the people you admire?

People i admireEvery person that has done something remarkable is someone to look upto. We all admire different kinds of people. This is a list of what kind of people I admire, and why.

  • I admire those people who follows guidelines in Islam of how to be a good muslim.
  • I admire those people who don`t do what Islam has forbidden and that does all that Islam allows.
  • I admire those people who invite others to do good in life to attain the best hereafter.
  • I admire those who when they look at someone, try to point out the best in them, instead of pointing out the worst in them.
  • I admire those people who when they talk to people are including of most people, instead of excluding of most people.
  • I admire those who finds the best in others instead of trying to find the worst. As every person has some characteristics in them that are beautiful as well as some characteristics that aren`t good. If we point out the best, that person would be motivated to do even better. If we always pinpoint the bad characteristics than that person would be unmotivated to do better.
  • I admire those who take the five daily prayers seriously and tries to read them at their appointed time.
  • I admire those who have a positive mindset even though they`ve had their share of difficulties in their life.
  • I admire people who spread niceness and are contagious in that regard.
  • I admire people who want the best for others without thinking what they could get out of them.
  • I admire people who are happy for others happiness and sad in others`sadness.
  • I admire people who are good to their family members even when no one other than Allah is looking.
  • I admire people who don`t kick others when they are down, even though they have a chance to do so.
  • I admire people who do the right thing, no matter how difficult it might be in their situation, because they want to attain Paradise.
  • I admire people who bring out the best in others.
  • I admire people who try to motivate others to also do good in life so that they also could earn som good deeds.
  • I admire people who share the good that has happened in their life, so that others also can benefit from their success and become succesful.
  • I admire those people who try to live after the saying of our Prophet Muhamamd (pbuh) that says; ” Love for your brother what you love for yourself”.
  • I admire those people who when they pray for themselves and their family also include the whole Ummah in every sentence so that every muslim can benefit from their supplications.
  • I admire the people who takes Islam seriously not only for themselves but also for their loved ones, so they all can attain Paradise, in shaa Allah.

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