There`s two sides of everything

say alhamdolillahThere always comes times when we are more thankful, and other times when we are less thankful. Sometimes the reason behind could be that we aren`t really aware of the blessings we are surrounded with. How can one become more aware and become grateful for that?

One simple formula that each and every can apply is to not compare yourself with people whom have more than you, rather compare them with those whom have less? There is always a good thing and a bad thing about a circumstance. For instance those whom are married, wants to have time for themselves, when those whom are single wants to be with the one they love. Those whom have kids, want to sleep longer without interruption, while some people whom aren`t married yet, are longing to have children. Those who are home are longing for a job, while those who work are looking forward to the upcoming vacation or wants some free-time off the work.

This is natural. When you have something and you look at someone else that has something better you automatically think that he/she is in a better position than you and you want what he/she has. What has helped me is to look things in perspective when this happens. There will always be someone whom has something I don`t have, but then again, I might have something they don`t have, right? So that makes one feel more thankful for those blessings one is surrounded with, in it`s awkward way 😉

Why not try to think like this next time you become jealous of anyone else? And you would in sha Allah see yourself becoming more thankful than before 🙂

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