Trials and tribulations

Be to Allah as he wishes to.On our way to living the life we want each and every one of us has one day or the other been tried through different circumstances in their life. This life is a test and we are tested all the time if we make the right choice or not.

Remember that Allah test those He love, more than others. If you feel it`s been a bit too much lately, remember you are in His eyes 🙂 From these tests Allah wants to cleanse us from our bad deeds. He wants to make us clean from every impurity and raise us.

It`s very difficult to think like this at the moment one is tested, though if we ask Allah to help us in every possible way in our life, He will in sha Allah guide us as well at that time also.

Think about all the tests you have gone through throughout your life? Haven`t you learned a valuable lesson through them all? One way or the other, we learn something from every tests. They were sent in our life for a reason. To make us stronger? To guide us to something? To prevent us from getting on the wrong road?

When one starts to think through why something happens the way it does, one starts to realize that it is Allah that is guiding us through all the hurdles and the troubles. He wants us to be safe but first He wants to cleanse us. And when we will have thrown away all the impurities Allah will hand us our gift as a result of that, in sha Allah.

Allah is here for us. He always listens. It if our responsibility to take out time to talk to Him, to make supplication to Him. If we are on this road, sooner or later, we will also see the light. Put your trust in Him and He will take care of rest, in sha Allah. Ameen summa ameen

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