Have you ever been jealous of anyone?

BlessingsEach and every person has different qualities in them than others. What kind of person they become is often a natural result of what they adopt from their upbringing or community as well as their friends. What I wanted to talk about today is jealousy. I`m sure each and every one of us has some day time been jealous of another person. The question is how do we deal with that?

The type of jealousy that leads to hatred and the want to destroy the other person, is a jealousy which is, of course, not a thing to strive for. Though how does this happen? I guess from being very un-islamic I guess. In Islam we learn that love for your brother what you love for yourself, right? So if you are happily married with ten or two kids, why are you putting obstacles in the way of other people to get married. Are you jealous of their spouse? Are you jealous of their car? Are you jealous of their house? Are you jealous of their job? But why? Allah has blessed you so much? Why do you not see your own blessings rather than other people`s blessings?

How can you be so ungrateful to your Lord Allah? Islam teaches us that if we are grateful to Him we will achieve more and more, and there is not a stop to the bounties that wan can derive from this. Next time you hear of a good news in some others` life, instead of thinking why don`t I have that, think of a thing in your life you that you are very grateful about. And every time this happens exchange it to a thought about gratefulness. I could just sence the change it would give in your life.

I am so happy for those people whom could actually put this whole jealousy thing into a positive thing. How do they do that? Well they try their most to learn from them who does something the best way and do the same in their life. Like for instance, if you see someone who has a better car than you, instead of scratching their car, you work more at work, earn that extra money and upgrade or buy yourself a better car. Or if the other has a quality in them that you like, you try to develop the same quality in yourself. That is such a wonderful way of increasing ones beauty. These are the kind of people one can look up to. Simply wonderful:)

Just a tip, which I In sha Allah, will develop in me too, is to try to make that jealousy into something positive way of increasing the same quality in me and being more grateful as well. May Allah help each and every muslim/muslimah to get rid of the negativeness in this quality “jealousy” and let us increase in the positive way one could use it instead. Ameen summa ameen.

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