Chuggl khaur jahannami hai, even on FB!

Allah does not burden a people more than what they can tolerateChuggle khaur is the person whom try make daraar between two people by saying or doing stuff that isn`t true to make two people go further away from each other. You can find these kinds of people everywhere. Some of them are jealous over your accomplishments and would want themselves to be in you shoes. They would do anything to try to hurt your relations and make your days turn grey taking away the sun by their words and actions.

Mark my words!!! Those people whom defend these chuggl khaur-people are going to also join them in jahannum for what they have done and still is doing, In sha Allah, Ameen summa ameen. Their plots and planning will not help them in jahannum. What surprises me is that if someone is seeing that they are doing something wrong, instead of defending the wrong they are doing and have done, why don`t the FB admins try to change them into a better person by giving them positive remarks about how they can become better.

We talk about leaders in different countries, about how mess they have done for the country they are leading. What about us? What kind of positive things are we doing for the community we live in. I hope that the people whom are poisoning the people wake up. Or at least their so-called friends around the world, wake them up, if they have any sence of justice in their heart at all.

You can say and do whatever you want, though it all boils down to one thing, if you are being mean to certain people on purpose, though they haven`t directly hurt you, it is you who have hurt yourself. Than that pain that you are throwing against them in form of chuggli will sooner or later fall back on you shoulders, and then what will help you is if the people you have deliberately hurt, will forgive you or not. Do you really want to take your issue that far. What kind of people are we if we can`t see others happy and do our outmost to instead make them miserable. What if they have worked hard for their happiness, how can you just come here and ruin everything. Certain people should seriously watch out for where they are heading, because chuggl khaur way leads to jahannum and nowhere else. May Allah protect us from these kinds of devilish plots and keep us safe away from the evil plots of people whom can`t see us happy. Ameen summa ameen.

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