Don`t remind others of their shortcomings, all the time :)

Each and every person of this world has some time in their life done something not that good, that they have regretted doing afterwards. Be it in their childhood, teens or adulthood or any other time in their life. I guess every muslim that wants to achieve Jannah, wants to be forgiven, so that the way to Jannah becomes easier to achieve.

A lot of muslims can very often be quite cruel to other fellow muslims. If they one time in their life have made a mistake, they will start reminding that person about it, every they dislike something he/she does. We are so awful in keeping things against others. What we don`t know is that person might have asked Allah for forgiveness for that mistake and might have been forgiven, and here we are reminding him/her of his/her shortcomings. Every person has some qualities in them that they can improve. What we need to do is not to give others that hard of a time, that makes them go further away from the deen instead of coming nearer. We should try our best to not hold grudges against others` and maybe Allah will forgive us also.

Some people whom has these kinds of grudges sometimes, to make things worse for the other person they dislike, would publicize their previous mistakes, to somehow get even with them. What they don`t know is that they are losing the battle in the sight of Allah. How is that? If they keep on publicizing others fault to get even, Allah will publicize all their faults on judgement Day in front of all the creatures of Allah. If Allah won`t help them then, then no one would. The people who fears Allah would try to conceal others faults so that Allah would conceal and forgive them their faults on Judgement day. After all Jannah is our goal, so why not strive for it in the best manners in the way of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh)`s way?

Why are you publicizing others fault? Is it to make them inferior of you, because they might be a tad more succesful then you? Are you jealous of them in any way? Do you think that quality would bring you closer to Allah or ruin all your good deeds that you have done in your life. Try for once to be happy for other, try to forgive others their faults. I know when we do a mistake, we ask Allah to forgive us, and want it to happen soon, yet we hold grudges against other fellow beings for a long time and don`t forgive them, even if they once in their life have apologized to us for the mistake. I guess, what we need in our life is to have som mercy to other fellow beings, and I mean each and every person because a lot of people are doing these kinds of mistakes in their life.

What you would achieve the most from is by forgiving others if they one way or the other have done some wrong to you. Repel evil with good and see how Allah will fix everything in your life. The result of repelling evil with evil can be nothing more than failure in this world and the Hereafter. What greater loss will a person have in exchange for that?
May Allah help each and every person to forgive others and forgive us all our mistakes in life and give us Jannah for the Hereafter. Ameen summa ameen.

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