Every setback in your life, could have been a blessing in disguise :)

Sometimes when something happens in our life that makes us cry or disappointed, we think that nothing can make that better in any way. We might think that what happened can`t be cured in any way. Well I have learned one thing in these past years. Looking back in time, I guess if everything that did`nt happen wouldn`t have happened I wouldn`t have been where I am today.

If you have lost a loved one in some way either to Allah or to someone else, don`t think of it as a setback. Think about it. If you would have married your first love when you were eighteen years old. where would you have been today? Maybe with four kids and no job, because you didn`t get enough education or working experience. If that loved one, that Allah is taking care of now, hadn`t passed away, where would you have been today? Maybe the same old person, still listening to songs and watching indian movies and doing everything that it contains.

If that one or two or three setbacks in life have brought you closer to Allah today, than what have you lost? I can understand that the journey has been difficult, but what have you lost if you have Allah with you now? You haven`t lost a thing if you are closer to Allah now! What made you start reading salat? What made you never miss a salat ever for the past years? What made you read Nasheeds/naats instead of songs, the past years? What made you spend more time in gatherings at the Mosque instead of an indian concert or movie the past few years? It was that big setback that made that wonderful change in your life that in a way was negative but brought lots of wonderful things in your life. Be thankful 😉 Alhamdolillah, yes it was a blessing in disguise 😉

Look at yourself now 🙂 Spending more time learning more about Islam, listening to lectures and reading about it. Going to mosques and spending your time earning so many good deeds for your parent that has passed away. If this is how you lately have spent your time, you have every reason to be happy and grateful to Allah, because He loves us all. This is how He shows us how much He loves us, by taking away one thing, He has given us so much more that if we were to be grateful all the time, we could still not have been enough grateful/thankful to Him.

The past few years, I have learned to try to see things in perspective. Even though some setbacks hurt a lot, it could be the opener to lots of great things in your life. Next time when something not that good happens in our life, lets try to see what sort of blessing it contains instead of the negative side. It might be difficult at the time something bad happens, but believe me, in a few years you would see what Allah meant by it happening, InshaAllah ameen. May Allah give us sabr/patience to go through all the hurdles in life and give us all that is good in this life and in the Hereafter for eternity and make us His pious worshippers. Ameen summa ameen.

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