Love you Mum :)

Mothers are a gift from above. No matter when or what they are often the one that is the most supportive to their children, following by Dads. Mums always seem to know how you are feeling and is the one that has taken the most care of us from we were small and couldn`t do a thing by ourselves. May Allah keep all the mums in heaven in His best care, and give us an opportunity to meet her in Jannah and the mums that are still with us, may Allah grant them wonderful children that take good care of them for always. Ameen summa ameen.

Remember the best way to do something for those of our parents in the heaven is to do good deeds so that Allah showers them with more blessings in their resting place til the hereafter begins. May Allah give us sabr and patience to go through every up and down in our life, and give us the strength to fight through every difficulty in our life. Remember after every difficulty there is ease, and Allah only test those of the muslims that He loves much. Allah takes something away from us to test us, and Allah gives us something to test us, to see who of us is best in deed. Be thankful for every day, every thing that has happened in the past, because without the past This PRESENT wouldn`t have been here 🙂 Say Alhamdolillah always, Allah knows best what He is planning, and He is the best of planners. Say Alhamdolillah for everything, because when we are thankful Allah showers us with more of his blessings in this world. Know that even if one of your parents is not with you today, your loved ones care about you, and want to do everything to see you happy, always. 😉 Know that what matters in life is how much good deeds you preserve for the hereafter, so that you can see your loved ones in Jannah, InshaAllah. Know that your supplications do affect everyone, and Allah hears us. Remember that every good thing that happens in your life is because of your mothers supplications for you and your family. Know that Allah knows best and let yourself put all of your trust in Him. He is the Best and Sustains everyone, so never ever think that He doesn`t know what He is doing. 😉 Remember that what good befalls us comes from Allah and every bad thing that befalls us comes from our own deeds. Remember that through prayers and good deeds one can change our destiny to become the brightest ever, with the best Hereafter. All we have to do is to believe and act upon it, inshaAllah ameen Allah humma ameen. May Allah give us a overjoyed life and hereafter, and may He give us the honsla to handle all the ups and downs in our life. May we pass the test of life and may Allah give us Jannah in return for that. Ameen summa ameen.

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