Daughter of the Ummah, if you believe!

A sister, a wife, a friend, a colleague, that is what I can be.

Why do you look down at me?
Why don`t you mind yourself what you are doing?
Why are you reading me like im everyone’s property?
I’m not your property!
Don`t you think Allah is going to put you to account for that?
Why do you talk to me and close your eyes?
Allah sees everyone and knows what He can do?
Why don`t you stop before it’s too late for you to retreat?
What does not concern you is not of your business,
Keep your nose out of my life!
Thank you a lot for backbiting me,
Now you are taking all my bad deeds and giving me all your good deeds in return.
Allah is Just and he will do Justice to all.
I am the daughter of the Ummah, you should protect me,
not harass me!
What if I would have been your sister or daughter by blood,
would you not have protected me?
Is the daughters of the Ummah not a relation for you?
What has come to this world?
What has come to the people of this world.
When news is more important than privacy.
If I could only poke your eyes like the Prophet (pbuh) did!
One day you will get back, that day is not far away.
It could be tomorrow, the day after that or on judgement day!
Allah is the only one whom can protect me, and InshaAllah He will.
With every difficulty there comes relieve and rest from every life`s ill.
Remember one thing, if you don`t stop I will not forgive you.
The prayer of the one who is wronged by others is very close to Allah.
So be careful to what is your next step?

-Daughter of the Ummah if you believe-

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