Get elected and your vote will count :) The Ummah needs to rise and shine :)

There have come more Muslims and Pakistani`s in the Parliament. Although they have probably been elected by the muslims and people with the same cultural background they aren`t always on our side. A lot of the muslim politicians doesn`t put muslims point across. Sometimes it seems as if they are trying to win votes and friends in the non-muslim community. So instead of talking about our issues they maybe lots of the times don`t bring up the issues which the Ummah needs to deal with.

Yes the Ummah needs to rise again. We need young individuals that can get a good education and get elected in to the Parliament and be our voice from inside. And we need a lot of them too, so that our voice can make a difference and they can change and help us with our issues. It won`t help to stand outside the Parliament and demonstrate against the hijab-burning or different things, we need a young generation whom goes inside and have a vote to stand up for what we believe in. Not only for us but for our forthcoming generations. If not the time won`t be long till the burkha or hijab will be banned in the country to. We need our muslim brothers and sisters to represent the muslim Ummah living in Norway or other places. The Ummah that reads salat and tries their upmost to follow our religion Islam and our Prophet Muhammads Sunnah. It doesn`t mean that were taking over the country or that we want shariah laws in Norway. No we only want our rights as a practising muslim brothers and sister, that need a good environment where the people don’t put obstacles in our way, so that we can practice our deen without meeting difficulties. We are actually making the way for the following generations. Let`s stand up for our rights so that our voice is heard, comprehended, evaluated and put to practice for us, InshaAllah ameen.

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