Womens rights in Islam and in the west

In the west it is a common thought by most of the people who women should have the same rights as men. Though Dr. Zakir Naik had a nice lecture about the whole topic, where he said that when women are different from men biologically, physiologically and emotionally than how can they have the same role in society. Only a few yeas ago in the west it was discussed whether women had a soul. Though in Islam it was stated 1300 hundred years ago that women like men are equal and both have a soul and that she has four times higher status in Islam than what men has. Our Prophet (Pbuh) was asked by a Sahabi (companion of the Prophet) whom has the most right on me? The Prophet (pbuh) said three times that your mother has the most right on you, the fourth time he said your father. In Christianity the fault of being thrown out of Paradise was blamed on Eve (Bibi Hawa) and not on Adam (Alehi assalam). Though in Islam they both shared the blame together equally. Women in Islam were given right to have their own property and use it on what they wanted to. Men and women are shepherd’s in a flock and both the women and the men will be responsible for their flock. In Islam the women’s honour is protected, though in the west the women is degraded by being itemized to sell anything and everything in the society. How can one say that she has more rights in the West than what Islam gives her then?

In Ancient time in greek the women were used like sex-objects and the men didn`t even have to marry them, they only owned them for how long they wanted to. Islam gave women right to say no to marriage. In Islam sex is seen as something beautiful though the condition is marriage-contract. In islam the Hubby and wifey are said as to be eachothers clothing. And part of the reason that we have a clothing is to protect us and hide us. The hubby and wifey is also as near to eachother as their garments. SubhanAllah! The right for a supported life was given by this right to women far before when women was almost not seen as a human being. When they had their every month they was seen as something unclean and almost seen as the devil though in Islam Our Prophets Wife Aisha RadhiAllahtalahanhaa used to be with the Prophet when he was praying even at her monthly times when he recited the Quran with his head in her lap.

In ancient times men had a bunch of women without any marriage contract for them at all. Islam put marriage on the paper and men the right to marry four wifes in case there were any widows or orphans that needed support by marriage so they could manage economically and their children have a bright economic future. This was after a war when there were a lot of muslim widows /orphans living without any family to support them.

I believe that women are given so many more rights and their honour is protected by these rights than what the west has managed to do so far or can ever make happen. In Islam women is seen as something one protects and not shown around to everyone, while in the west there are almost naked women on posters every summer to sell everything from a car to some toothpaste. How can we then say that women has more rights in the west than what Islam gives them? We should open our minds and look for the message in Islam for women and men, because it is a wonderful message for every human being.

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