When to realize the truth and change goals and when to be positive?

wall of positivityEach and every person wants to be positive. People admire others whom are positive and wants to learn as much they can from they because having a positive outlook to life not only increases their success rate but also makes sure that they have good surroundings. Some people read positive books to learn from the best. Other listen to lectures and learn from people they admire the most.

Once in a while each and every can lose their positivism, but mostly people bounce back after having a hard time. It is mostly because they have positive surroundings and have that inner positive feeling that keeps them going no matter how hard life becomes. It is important to be positive because no matter what happens in life there is always something to be thankful for. And Allah loves Muslims whom are thankful. Because of their gratefulness to Allah they become even more succesful than before.

One should always be positive, but that doesn`t mean that one should be blind to reality. If something isn`t going to happen, than one needs to make new goals and try better to achieve them instead of running after something that they have lost.

Sometimes one makes wrong choices in life, and these choices decide what is going to happen in our future. It`s never late to change ones way, try your best and making new goals. Because each and every person in this world can be succesful without dragging others down. What one can try is to focus on now, be a good muslim / muslimah, do good deeds and focus on Islam.

I guess if one focuses on Islam with a real intention about becoming a better human being first and then a good Muslim / Muslimah than ones i bound to succeed, some way or the other. Allah makes the way and one just follows. The best guidance we can get is from Prophets Muhammed (pbuh) Sunnah and the Quran. Be a good Muslim / Muslimah and every thing else will follow. Alhamdolillah, May Allah make us amongst the Muslims whom will achieve Jannah and forever bliss in the hereafter. Ameen summa ameen.

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