Teachers should get a raise :)

Our children are our biggest treasure, and so we should value them. In today’s society in mostly of the families both of the parents work while their kids go to the kindergarten or school. That is where the children of this world spend most of their time. Isn`t it time that we give the teachers the honor they deserve. I mean they are actually a part of the people whom give the children good values and help them to become good individuals. Teachers have a lot of knowledge and this knowledge is valuable for our next generation. Teachers wages are not as high as they should be depending on the good job they are doing. Since they have a great work in front of them to teach our next children to become engineers, teachers, doctors etc, they should also get a raise, because their work is just as important as doctors or engineers if not even more.

Our next generation is in the school or kindergarten most part of the day. We should use a lot of money in giving courses to our teachers so that they are up to date with what is happening in the world. I think it’s really sad that we haven`t yet realised how much work they do and how little their recompense is. Some teachers work so much that they hardly have time for their family. The higher the education they are educating the less spare time they have. If they wont get enough of a raise we will soon lose the best teachers because they can`t work at these conditions for a long time. Then who will teach our kids? This is a subject that touches each and every in the world, because every one wants the next generation to have the most important knowledge they can receive so that they can work for our society in different professions and improve the society for the next generations again and so on.

I hope each and every family would use their voice to raise their opinion at the schools their children go to. The parents should take an active part in to making their children’s life better and so they need to go the meetings at school and maybe take out time to try to change the school for the best. If every average person tries to change their schools, together they can make a difference. After all, don`t they want their children to have the best?

The children with the best parents and environment can make their future better no matter what because they have parents whom take out time in investing in their children’s future, their schools and their upbringing. But what about the kids whom doesn`t have the same opportunities as the richest people, shouldn`t they also get a fair chance to a bright future as well? If we sincerely want our entire next generation to become better people this is where we need to invest our time and money, in our children. May Allah give each and every person in this world a wonderful family with wonderful children and beautiful life and the best hereafter. Ameen summa ameen.

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