Have full faith in Allah!

Allah has a plan for everything, and knows what is happening at all times. He knows what is best for us and what we need to work on. He gives and gives and expects us to give back by praying and doing good deeds.

Some people think that if Allah has a plan and everything is decided than why do anything, because we can`t change whats happening. That is not correct. Because Allah wants us to do our bit of hard work. If Allah has planned our rizk it doesn`t mean that we stay home and wait for Allah to come and give us food, no we go out of our home and earn our living. In the same way if something is happening in our life that we pray to Allah to help us with it. No matter what it is. When it is only He whom has full control of all things in the universe, why not ask Him of everything be it little or not, because he is the only one whom can take us out of our troubles. Have full faith in Allah, keep praying and doing your best, so He will inshaAllah give us a pleasant life and give us everything that is best for us. InshaAllah ameen Allah humma ameen.

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