A few tips for the prayer :)

Our salat is our prayer and sort of our call to our Lord five times daily throughout the day. After the obligatory prayer it is a good thing to pray to your Lord. One should ask our Allah for everything, be it any thing in our life. Allah is our Sustainer and takes care of our needs. One should always also pray for everyone else as the whole Muslim Ummah as well because when ones prayer for ones muslims are answered as an angel at our shoulders say and you shall have likewise. Praying for ones absent muslims reduces the grudges one can have.

After tasbhih ones should praise Allah subhanwuatalah. After that recite drud sharif. And after that prayer for yourself and at the end for your the Ummah. Drud sharif at the end. Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to pray in sujood as well. That is a very nice way of the prayer InshaAllah being fulfilled.

Another thing is that if your prayer isn`t answered either it’s not made to happen because something better is waiting for you or else it could be that your rizk, clothes or your food is haraam. In that case your prayers aren`t going to be answered.

One should also never stop to supplicate. Because than one is in one way complaining to Allah and then He will think that we are being ungrateful. And He doesn`t like that. Allah likes long prayers and that we ask for everything and that we are consistent in praying.

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