The blessed day of Jumu`ah

friday jumuah prayerThe whole version: The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Said: Gabriel came to me with a clean mirror in his hand and said: ” this is Jumu`ah. God has made it obligatory on you, so that it may be a festival for you and after you for your followers.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: ”What good there is for us in it?”  Gabriel answered: You have got an auspicious ( lovende, gunstig) time in it. If someone seeks anything to God at this time, God has promised that He will give it to him. If he is deprived of that additional things are given to him in this connection. If anyone wants to save himself from evil on that day, God saves him from a greater calamity (katastrofe) or a like calamity which has been decreed on him.

I said (Muhammad pbuh) “what is this black dot on it?( The mirror)” He (Gabriel) said ” This is the Hour of the day og jummah which is the best day in our estimation. In the last day we will call it the day of increase. This is because your Lord, High and Exalted has a valley in Paradise which is more redolent than white musk. On the day of Al-Jumu`ah Allah High and Exalted will descend from the illiyyeen unto His Throne. His Throne is then surrounded by pulpits of lights. The Prophets will come and sit on this pulpits. The pulpits will then be surrounded with couches of gold. The truthful servants of Allah and the martyrs will come and sit down on them. Then the dwellers of Paradise will come and sit down on the dunes. Thereafter their Lord will come and show himself to them and they will look at His Countenance while He tells them, `I fulfilled my promise to you and completed my favour upon you. This is the place of My Honour. So ask me for whatever you want. And they will ask Him of His pleasure. Allah will say`it is My pleasure that brought you to my Paradise and made you attain My Honour. So ask me of something else. They will continue to ask him until they will be done with their requests. Then, it will be opened for them – for as long as it takes people to leave the mosque on the day of jumu`ah – what no eye has ever seen no ear has ever heard and no heart ever imagined. Allah will then ascend onto His Throne, and the martyrs and the truthful servants will ascend with him. The inhabitants of the chambers will then return to their flawless pearly and white chambers or to their chambers of rubies or green chrysolite whose rivers flow perennially and whose fruits hang in pairs.They the dwellers of Paradise shall be in need of nothing greater than the day of Al-Jumu`ah so they can have more Honour and have more opportunity to look at the Countenance of their Lord, High and Exalted. That is why the day will be called the day of increase.

(recorded by ibn Abid-dunya and At-tabararni in Al-Mujam Al-Awsat; the narration is graded Hasan in view of other corroborating narrations).

Taken out of the book “encyclopedia of islamic jurisprudence concerning women”.

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