How can one achieve true guidance?

I heard some people talk ill about people whom discuss daily cultural issues instead of using Islam as an example whenever they want to make a point. This person does have a point in a sence. I agree to the fact that we muslims should take examples from Islam to bring people whom are misguided closer to our deen and further away from dunya. But that is not always the way it is accomplished. Sometimes one need to come with examples from our culture to show what something isn`t good or why it is good. Because people whom are a bit away from our deen sometimes need real human stories to bring them closer to what Islam says. They need stories about people whom have found guidance and how they managed that after several years.

It is upto Allah alone to guide someone. We can only pray for someone. We can come up with lots of examples to guide someone, but that person will only achieve guidance through the will of Allah Subhanwuatalah. So we try to come up with reasons for why it is important to read namaz on time to learn more about Islam and how to achieve sakoon in our life.

On the other hand if we like someone does do; say to people in an offensive manner even though our mission is to spread Islam, than that would make people distant from our deen instead of bringing them closer. Why? Because you’re looking down at them. Instead try to speak to others straight to them instead of belittling them in a way. That is better Ikhlas like our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has shown us through his seerah, and that would make people actually listen and apply what you say. In one sentence i would sum it up that if you want to spread dawah do it in a way, “i have found a cure to your issues, and that is Islam”, or ” i am even worse muslim than you, but I know about a way to get better, or I have found a way to become better”. I think what people need is logical explanations without saying anything bad about them. Instead of preaching in the wrong way, try to think how can i explain this that would make someone want to read fajr namaz or an ayat from our Quran after they have heard some dawah from you?

Some people like the ideal muslimah or igotitcovered are superb dais at facebook, on the other hand some people whom are new at it need to learn more to achieve its proper success.

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