Are you reading or watching television?

A few years back I remember I was all into Bollywood or songs and all that it contains. Though in a period of time I started to think over what I was doing. I thought a lot about whether this would give me any sawabh and if it is morally correct to listen to songies that contains somewhat fahashia. So I changed. Suddenly one day when I woke up I went to the computer with my Ipod and deleted all the songies and let all the Naats to be there. From that day on I only listen to naats and some songs that have nice and decent lyrics. That was a change in me that started for more than a year ago.

Nowadays Im reading a lot about Islam to get more knowledge so that I can know how to behave in certain circumstances from hadees sharif and lots of other islamic books. It has given me guidelines in how to behave and different types of manners that I before didn`t even know were Islamic. I`ve been lucky and had amazing help in getting me on the right track, so I want to share it, so that more people can benefit from it. Even though we all have our mistakes I can recall a lot of hadees and correct myself that In that circumstance I shouldn`t have done that or in that circumstance I should have done that. This is going to help me in my struggle to become a better human being and inshaAllah a Mominah one day.

What I want to share with you people is that if we listen to songies that have a bad ingredient and watch tv-serials that tells us more about un-islamic things than that would have a very bad effect on our spirit, our spirituality and us being a muslim. My mum always tells me that if you start repenting early in your life for your past mistakes than most of your life will be nice and rest of your life will become more prosperous, but if you start repenting when you are in your seventy`s than for one you wouldn`t be able to pray properly, for your life has passed by in negligence. It`s time for us to wake up and realize what is important in life. Which is to strive to become a better human being and a better Muslim/Muslimah to one day be invited to Jannah, InshaAllah. Ameen summa ameen.

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