Going to the mosque :)

Before I went more frequently to the Mosque than what I do nowadays. There are a few reasons for that. For the first I think that it`s the Masjid`s people responsibility to take care of the new people who come and encourage them to come on different days they celebrate. Though what I`ve experiences is that some people treat you really bad when you are there and tries to tumko neecha dikhana. I went to a program at the sunni mosque and there all the people were talking so loudly that I couldn`t hear the program. There was no respect to the people having a program. Instead of the Masjid being a place where one comes closer to ones spirituality people use it for different things. Some rishtey are made through those places, don`t want to talk how, but I`ve heard about som aunties that work for it and the people who are there talk more about their private things instead of listening to the speech of the Maulvi or the naat-reader. So I`m quite fed up and don`t have enough encouragement to go back on another program. What can I do to change this? I`m voicing my opinion so the people at least are aware over the circumstances.

Why do we go to the Mosque/Masjid? To come closer to Allah and his Prophet (pbuh) I hope and not for other selfish reasons. What I`ve experience make me not want to go back. I remember when I was on Umrah in Saudi Arabia. Now that was a different experience. I felt I come so much closer to Allah. The salat were recited so slowly that one could think of the interpretion that one knew while they were reciting it. Simply wonderful. Nowadays because of the pressure from the other muslims the namaz or especially the taraweeh is read so fast that one has difficulties following it. I felt that the people who came to Makkah sharif or Madeena sharif they came to pray not talk. I saw people praying all over the place and it really increased my imaan. Listening to the azan and praying with all the other, I felt unity and that we all are alike in front of our Lord. Even the higher class and the middle class and the poor were on the same row. I remember there was a woman there that hadn`t that clean clothes though when she prayed prayer after the salat she was so close to Allah that I got really amazed. Though no-one was giving her their seat to sit, she found a place in-between me and the ones beside me, and I could feel like she is like a person who is more closer to Allah than a lot of people at that place. A very nice experience. I would love more of these experiences in the mosques`in Oslo Norway. Just a request 😉

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