When you pray five times a day :)

I don`t know a lot, but there are a few people whom take praying five times daily, very seriously. Why shouldn`t they, when it is one of the foundation of Islam. When one tries to pray regularly one becomes more spiritual and more close to Allah Subhanawuatalah. So it`s a great thing. Though if the person is quite young they do meet a few obstacles in the way to spirituality. For instance in the most schools in Norway it isn`t allowed to pray at school. Not whether you are christian or hindu or muslim, they have the same rule for all. I think that being a Muslim/Muslimah we should follow the laws of the country we live in, as long as it doesn’t collide too much with our Islam, to a certain extent. If it`s not allowed to pray at your school, and you want to pray, don`t be too shy asking for permission. You can say things like that in other religion they can pray whenever they want, but in Islam we have five daily prayers at a special time every day. If we miss one prayer, we are going against our own religion. Therefore one should be allowed. you can say that the schools can make a few rules that its only permissible to pray in the school-breaks so that they don`t miss any education. Giving the muslims a room and a blanket to pray shouldn`t be any problem. Otherwise they wouldn`t allow it any university.What is so strange is that at the University of Oslo, they have their own prayer room for the muslims there. They even have halal food at the canteen. If you are a lot of muslims don’t shy away from fighting for your rights, that bring you closer to your Lord. When they can give permission to one of the biggest Universities in Oslo, which is a School, why can`t one give permission at other scools as well? What make those schools any different? They aren`t any different and rules can be negotiated but I don`t want any Muslim/Muslimah to break a rule, because that would go against what Islam teaches us. Bring in the parents and talk with the management at the school you are going at. If you want to ask permission at your work, you can say that you`ll work the extra minutes it takes to pray. In that way they shouldn`t have anything against it. If they have a lot of space they can give you your own room, if not, then pray where the space is available and without interruption or disturbance. InshaAllah you will get permission, ameen summa ameen.

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