About females

Sometimes when one is going home from work or just outside, one notices things about others that are good and other things that aren`t that good. Each Muslimah tries her best to follow Islam, the Sunnah and Quran, but even so there are so many things nowadays that people may find hard to follow. For instance is there any girl/lady nowadays whom doesn`t wear perfume before she goes out of her house. Even though our Prophet has restricted us from using it outside, probably because it attracts men. The Prophet has said:

If one of you attends the Masjid (Mosque) let her not touch perfume

Even in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and Dubai it is very common to see a girl in full black cover (Abaya, hijab, niqab) although she is wearing perfume. This is so sad. As long as we don`t talk about our mistakes how on earth will we be able to correct them. I am not perfect and before I started using hijab, I also used perfume. Though when the hijab started I also quit with that bad habit as well. As long as one is indoor and not going outside use as much perfume as you want. But when you, as a Muslimah takes your first step outside it should be without perfume. Why do you use perfume? Who is it for? Ask yourself that question before you go near it next time you are going to use it.

Another thing that irritates me whenever I`m outside and see other Muslimah`s is that they were heals, which in itself is perfectly alright and quite cool. But when we start wearing heals that makes a noise when we walk, we also attract a lot of attention from the opposite gender, which is prohibited because it arises fitnah.

If one needs to smell nice one can do that without using perfume, one can use cream that has a nice scent without perfume, instead of perfume. Not using perfume doesn`t doesn`t mean that one can`t have a fresh scent on oneself. Of course the Prophet has always talked about having a good hygiene, at a time when it wasn`t taken seriously by anyone. Our Prophet (pbuh) used to do Miswak after every time he had eaten. Nobody does this nowadays, we just use a gum, though it may not have halal ingredients at all. And so we talk about our prayers not being answered?

Nobody is perfect and each and every have their own faults, but if we try our best to single out the faults and try to become more pious, what can be wrong with that? 😉

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