Who do you look upto?

Whenever we hear about kids or adults that are doing things or behaving in a way that makes us ashamed of them or we would hope that they straighten up, I think there can be several things that has made them like that. For instance, how many of the parents around the world, or let we speak about Norway, has given the children an islamic upbringing as well as letting them go to school. I guess most of the parents haven`t given their children enough time or the right values or given them enough knowledge about Islam. This is why sometimes kids or adults, because they don`t know better, do foolish things that makes everyone else ashamed of them. They put us muslims in a bad light. The only reason behind is that we don`t follow Islam as we should, that is why this is happening. If each and every person can try to look into themselves and ask themselves if they are doing enough so that our next generation is kept on the right path? Had we done enough than situations like this wouldn`t have appeared. If your parents have done this mistake, don`t be the one who does the same mistake with your own children. Give your children time and teach them the right values that come from our Prophet and Quran. Only then we can bring up children that will make us proud of them as our kids. If not another generation will get stranded.

For those people whom has stranded we need to (as much as we are capable of) to pull these people in the right direction as much as we can, before they choose the wrong path that doesn`t go to heaven. May Allah keep guiding each and every on the right path. Ameen.

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