Do you believe in horoscopes or pandits ?

horoscopesWhen one reads Akhbar-e-jahan or other magazines, it could be very informative, although not all of it`s content is interesting. For instance weekly they write about horoscopes and what will happen in people`s lives. I reckon they write it on demand and would stop if people wouldn`t like it. The question is how important is it to follow such. Reading through hadith I have several times heard that The Prophet (pbuh) has said that the people whom read horoscopes and believe in that which is written their prayers won`t be accepted for 40 days. Even so the people in Pakistan are muslims mostly they still have a few things that are so un-islamic and nobody gets rid of these bad habits. Like reading horoscopes. Isn`t it better to read some info about Islam that can build you a home in the Hereafter: if you also follow what you read.

The things that are written in these horoscopes isn`t true and the people writing it can’t predict the future, so why use your valuable time on it then? If we are born muslims and we want to achieve jannah in sha Allah then we should try our up most to show that through our conduct and not let our surrounding lead us on the wrong path. To know what is good for us, all we need is to read more about our deen Islam, and Alhamdolillah if we are muslims, try our most to follow it as good as we can. Put your trust in Allah, and see that it does make life much better and peaceful. May each muslim try their most to increase knowledge that is valuable for their Hereafter and do their best to follow it.

It doesn`t actually stop here. Nowadays the channels have started having second opinion about cricket matches from pandits. This is how un-islamic it can be. Now we use hindu religion and promote that to such an extent. This is not fun and masti that “oh no problem, we`re only having fun”. What kind of attitude is that you are jeopardizing your own faith just to increase the number of viewers watching the program. This is totally un-acceptable. I can`t understand why not people are condemning this. I guess most of the people in Pakistan have left a lot of things in their own religion. Or maybe they have so many difficulties in their life that they don`t have the energy to focus on others things than getting enough money to buy food or enough electricity in their household. One doesn`t have to have fun to such an extent that we leave basic principles in our religion.

To conclude I would say that one can have halal sort of fun instead of jeopardizing your own faith. The tv-channels should not promote other religions just to earn money. And the viewers should condemn the programs that are un-islamic so that they don`t lose the blessings in their life and earn the wrath of Allah upon themselves in sha Allah.

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