To earn your sawabh :)

I got thinking about one thing today after praying namaz/salah. That we all try ourmost to read namaz and Quran and to earn some sawabh. And we feel good when we have prayed five times a day, that today we have fulfilled some of our obligations in Islam. Though on the other hand we can never know whether these deeds of salah are accepted by Allah. Only He knows that, and we will be told after death. This is such a scary thought. That`s why when we pray we should always make our effort with lots of khulq and sincerity so that InshaAllah it won`t be turned back from Allah. May Allah accept all our prayers and keep guiding us in the right path. Ameen summa ameen. To think of this will keep us humble and make us pray even more so that our prayers InshaAllah will be accepted. Allah sab ke haq me behtar faisla karein. Ameen Allah humma ameen.

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