To marry more than one woman is a muslims right as long as it is allowed in the country they live in and the husband can be just between the wives. I was reading a book about Islam when I came over a reason for our Prophet to marry more than once, which i want to share with you. The book says : “It was necessary for the Prophet (PBUH)should neutralize the enmity of as many people as possible through marriages with women of other tribes. It was the practice among Arabs that the tribe should defend the husbands of their women”.

If we look at this today, being married to more than one doesn`t stop the war between families, it rather fuels it up. So why bother? Hazoor Paak had troubles and worries trying to be fair between his wifes, and He IS perfect. How can anyone else say that they can be fair between several wives. It`s just not possible.