All for the sake of Allah

It`s incredible how blessed we are and how much we need to realize that we have that a lot of others don`t have:) We have so much to be grateful for. I am trying my best to be as grateful as I can,and we will InshaAllah succeed in that. Today as it was time to pray I just thought of a wonderful thing. As our prayers are for Allah alone and Alhamdolillah everything we do should be to please Allah. When one starts to think and behave like that than MashaAllah one will InshaAllah succeed in everything. That is the purpose of life, to do everything according to Allah. When one starts thinking and behaving like that than all that you do becomes ibaadah. You are nice to your parents because Allah has said it. You are nice to your hubby because Allah has said it. You are nice to your brothers and sisters and the rest of the family because Allah has said it. And you are nice to your other people at work etc. When one starts realizing that everything one does is Ibaadah, than InshaAllah why wouldn`t one succeed:) What happens then is that even if you are doing something great for someone and that person is not nice back, you know that by your intention you will get all the sawabh and the other will lose. Because you know that the sawabh comes from Allah, and you are doing it to make Allah Subhanwuatalah happy.

Let us therefore speak with the phrase “all for the sake of Allah” 😉

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