Putting aside all your worries..

Just a poem i wrote today for some motivation:) Want to share it with you:)

Putting aside all your worries,
relieving your heart with love and tears of joy,
I pray that you always are Happy,
without any tension and sorrow-free.

Some days are tougher than others,
because of the hurdles and troubles,
Know that Allah is our closest ally
He will grant us our wishes
and keep us safest.

We follow and praise Him every second.
He will make us see:
what is important to earn and to live,
the reward of the hereafter is full of bliss.

Everything will become easier and without any concern:
Put your trust in Allah,
and He will take care of the rest:)

Our worries will be long gone,
and happiness will fill our days,
those moments are not far away,
believe me:) it will soon be great:)

-InshaAllah ameen summa ameen-

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