Guy meets girl or girl meets guy, after commitment?

A marriage is a sacred bond. And almost all of the people whom are married are aware over the fact that having a girl and guy friendship even after you have committed yourself to someone is not the best thing to do. Would you have liked it if your wife to be had a few good guy friendships? nahi na 😉 well not to worry 😉 But i am worried about you! I think any person that is committing themselves to someone, will only marry someone if they know that they are trustable. 110% trust is all i am asking for. Is that too much? Well that’s were the minimum in my heart:) So think about it before you make another step in the wrong direction.

I don`t believe that a friendship between the two genders are only a friendship. Somewhere somehow one of the persons can have feelings for the other. And then still going on with having a friendship is foolishness if you ask me. Especially if that is the case. So be wise 😉

Conclusion: Guy and girl friendhip
It is totally Unapproved!

2 thoughts on “Guy meets girl or girl meets guy, after commitment?”

  1. Wat a awesome reply .
    I have a fren who had stopped talking to me after he got to know i was engaged . Then suddenly he came in touch wit me . He is not my colleague anymore but he claims he cannot let my friendship go . Why is this strange behaviour he exhibits ?
    He also says he wants to be my fren even after i get married and he is possessive about our friendship .
    What should be a solution for this pls reply

    1. In a married life, or else, after my opinion theres i no place for friendships outside the marriage with the opposite gender. As long as youre his colleague you dont have any choice, if he works at your place. Though after marriage i dont think any hubby would approve that. If it would me, i wouldn`t have started such a friendship. If it had started i would have stopped it at once.

      This is my personal opinion, i hope you find a way out of this issue.


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