We love Muhammad (pbuh) :)

For every muslim it is very important to seek knowledge. It is said that one learns new things as long as one is alive, no matter how old one is. So of course one should try ones out most to seek as much knowledge one can, that is useful of course. If one has time and we alhamdolillah are muslims so why not. But remember always, that the person you are learning from, has the right aqeedah or are good muslims themselves. I would not like to learn something from people whom maybe after my opinion doesn`t have the love of Rasolallah sallalu alehi wasallam in their heart. They could be alime-e-deen for all i know, that doesn`t matter for me. To think of that one learns stuff from someone whom doesn`t even have the love of the Prophet (pbuh) who is so loved by us. No those kind of people I can not give my trust. Right aqeedah is very important or else one forget what is important in life to achieve the bounties in the hereafter.

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