Your username is not your real name!

I don`t have a lot of friends and there is a reason behind that. Which is that my experience is that mostly friends are not to be trusted. Some of them they give wrong advice and then oneself come into trouble or they might try to mislead you somehow so that they can gain something. Of course not all are like this, but I can say i haven`t been the luckiest in choosing friends. Those few friends I have i know i can trust, but i have stopped having contact with people whom i don`t know that much. Because I don’t know their real intention when they are friendly to me. Koi dosron ko ekdam parakh lete hain, for others take more time in understanding who your true friends are. I`ve had so many bad experiences that I hardly trust anyone anymore.

One should be careful whom one confides with because friends ones becoming the worst enemies, can make the biggest harm to yourself and your loved ones. So be wise:) The little circle of friends I have I know I can trust, can you say the same about your friends?

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