About asking from ghairullah

I really adore Pir Alaudin Siddiqui Sahib and like to watch Noor tv whenever i get time for it. I often watch his dars and it is MashAllah very enlightening. I remember today he was speaking about the fact that if every Muslim or Muslimah live their life according to Islam then inshaAllah also their prayers will be answered. And of course the other way around. Noor tv has many times written a hadees their ke ek muslim dosrein muslim ke liye dua karein to woh tab hi kabool hogi agar woh banda /bandi namaz partha hon ya parthi hon. Why am i writing about this today, yes because some people claim to say that one shouldnt go to our elders to make prayers for us. I don`t agree with that. What Pir Sahib used to say is that if you are a true muslim and follow the guidelines for Islam than your prayers will be answered. We know that if you have an income which is not halal or you eat something that is not halal than your prayers won`t be answered. So people come to Pirs as their followers and ask them to pray for them. Why not? First of all if someone prayers aren`t answered they could be praying for something that isn`t going to happen or maybe they have something un-halal in them. So of course, go to your Pirs and ask them to pray for you. Because these people are so enlightened and are true muslims indeed. Every person is near to Allah but some person prayer pehle kabool hoti hain. That we know, so their is nothing wrong in asking them to pray for you.

Another thing some people go to these Allah ke dost and make prayer directly to them, that is wrong. Only Allah can answer your prayer, noone else has the Power to do so. Lekin, in Allah ke doston ka vasila zaroor liya ja saktha hain ke unke tawassul se hamari prayer kabol ho jaye. Asking directly from anything else than Allah is shirk and such a major sin in Islam that Allah will never forgive it on judgement day.

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