To have a good rolemodel

kids duaTo have a good role-model is important for everyone ❤ Not only for the kids, but also for the adults. The people we look up to have a great responsibility. In case they do something good, people will follow them and they will achieve lots of sawabh. On the other hand if they do something wrong and people follow them, then their sin will be doubled up as to going against the law of Allah and the fact that other people are following and doing the same. This is why it is so important that every person does work deeds of righteousness which means in other words that one does do what is morally correct.

When we see that some people have stranded from the guidance of our Prophet (pbuh), we need to inspire them as the best to our ability so that they also receive guidance to become better muslims. Not by looking down at them and rebuking them. That won`t make them change it would probably only worsen the circumstance. We should try to be an example with our behaviour which will give them a push to also do good, in sha Allah.

Think for instance that you meet some people down the road of life, who are totally stranded and doing wrongs. If you have the chance and don`t help them, you won`t be able to tell that to Allah on the Judgement day. Every muslim is each others brothers and sisters. We are one Ummah. If we start to think like that than we would probably be a great people of islah or dawah. Remember today it`s some people you see on the road that needs guidance, tomorrow it could be someone you know. It`s important that we don`t let that happen. It is important that we try to do our best to keep our Ummah in guidance and inspire the people who haven`t yet received guidance.

Of course the best dai or person of islah is the one that preaches with his/her conduct/character. Being the same as they are around people also when they are alone. Our Prophet (pbuh) showed us that it`s not impossible to achieve such great heights.There is no better role-model to have than our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). To follow his guidance, to read and understand what the Quran is telling us and implement it in our daily life, InshaAllah. Only then we can achieve eternal bliss, InshaAllah, ameen. This is our Prophet who told us through is actions that it is not impossible for a person to become a good muslim/muslimah. The safar on this road is going to give us a lot of blessings/sawabh. Only if we follow the true guidance, which has come from our Prophet and the Quran. May Allah guide us all more, and more on the right path, so that we one day can achieve eternal bliss ❤ Ameen summa ameen.

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