Pyar mein zabardasti?

What im trying to say is that noone can make another person love them. Put a gun at their head and make them say “i love u”. Even if they would say that in fear of loosing their life, they most probably wouldn`t love someone whom can’t see them or their loved ones alive. And when I say happy, i mean, that they are happy maybe not with you but with that person that he/she loves from their heart.

The biggest fault in so many people be them Asians or not, is that they can’t see other than themselves happy. If they see that someone else succeeds a bit more than them, then a lot of people do what they can to make their life miserable somehow, by unki taang kenchna. If you would rather be happy for that person, than you also will inshaAllah achieve happiness.

If you really claim that you love someone than the best thing you can do for that person is to let that person make up his/her mind and not make them take a decision. And pray for that person. After all you want that person to be HAPPY, or do you?

Do some people think that if a person is forced into a marriage that he/she will be happy? Come on, grow up! He would regret his whole life that he met that person, who came in the way of that person he/she loves. THis is so un-ethical, that i cant believe that some people are actually thinking of it right now.

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