It is very important that one learns the language to the country one lives in, be it anywhere. For instance, living in Norway I know that it is very important. People whom are highly qualified for a job by their skills, will maybe not get the job if they cannot speak and write fluently norwegian. I believe that for a better future and to keep the dream job, it would be a must. I know that for people, whom have a hundred things and plans to do things, may not have time for this. But believe me, you would never regret it. If one is very skilled from before, you might not have to use more than half a year, one semester, and you will be able to see the improvement. Nowadays schools have evening classes as well, so one can use half a week on learning the language you will need in the future, when you will get the great gift of kids after marriage, InshaAllah. Take care of yourself, and be wise:)