To win trust :)

Sometimes when a few people have a circle of people around them, they prefer some over other. And the people they prefer, they spend more and more time with. The people who are left behind for some reasons, can sometimes be one of those leg-pullers. Yes the ones we have talked about so many times. The people whom if they don`t succeed themselves, will not let any other person succeed either.

It is really sad to know that as a muslim one can`t have that big of a heart that one can see others succesful. Living in Norway we don`t lack anything. The most of us have a home people whom care about us around us. We don`t go around hungry because we can`t afford to by dinner. Most of us have enough money to live a healthy life. As long as we have all our necessities, than we shouldn`t become jealous over other people`s achievements. On the other hand we should be glad for them. Like som people do, they say thumbs up to those whom made it, “way to go”. Like even if you have everything, you look for what you don`t have. When one truly starts to grow inside of ourselves and pray for others like you want everyone to have the best, than your iman is at its best condition. If one keeps memorizing all the faults of others and don`t see your own faults, than that’s a vicious circle one needs to get out of. Because as we all are humans, everyone can make a mistake on time or the other.
What we all need to do a bit more is to not look at what other people have achieved for any reason. We need to be thankful for that we have everything we need, and Alhamdolillah and inshaAllah, also in the future as well.

For those so-called leg-pullers whom can`t see any other than themselves succeed. They really need to let go of their grudge and try to be happy for others, because as far as I can see. If they aren`t happy for others, they will really be unhappy in every situation that comes up. Being happy for others is the best present one can give oneself. And that is what completes our imaan. That is why we pray for each other in the first place. We don`t pray to come first, we pray that everyone else will be at least just as succesful as yourselves, if not even more, because we care for the whole of Muslim Ummah.

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