Our environment can have a great effect on us..

Sometimes I am at my family members house on a visit, and stay there a couple of days. I`ve noticed that not all muslims think about what they watch on television like others. For instance they can be praying and reading Quran and all but at the same time watch movies and dramas and also maybe eating things that aren`t halal or are “mashkokh”. I agree that I was a bit like that before, but since the change in me and my dearest one I have changed totally. If I see someone is watching a movie or something else on the telly, I simply go somewhere else. I don`t like watching it anymore, because it is so un-Islamic. And I have thinking a lot lately, that I need healthy habits like anyone else. And if I have healthy habits so will my children, that I InshaAllah will have one day, adopt those healthy habits of mine. Because I sincerely want my children to be practising muslims, and follow the Sunnah and the Quran. I truly want to set a good example for them, so then I have to start with myself, and try the most to keep myself in an environment that is not against Islam.

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