Commitment for marriage..

At the time jab Quran nazil hoa tha, people didn’t marry just one girl but had a bunch of girls without any order or law to it. And the girls didn’t have many rights if their man left them. They didn’t even had to marry them, just about like slavery they had to be with the guy who liked them or chose them. When islam came it gave women and men right to say no to a marriage and took care of them. Men were only allowed to marry four times, compared to before when they could have had a dozen of women. So of course that made the women’s right better. Also put in the time when this law came their were a lot of women where their men had died in the battlefield so marrying more than one women would help the whole family who had lost their father, hubby. So I can understand why it was like this when the ayat nazil hoi thi.

Though if we think about more than one marriage today, I would say no way. A big NO from me. A man can`t get enough love with one woman? How sick is that… Living in Norway where it isn`t even allowed to have more than one woman, people tend to have a woman in their homeland. Totally nut cases if you ask me. If my husband was to marry again after marrying me I would divorce him and marry myself with another who would keep his promises being faithful to me only. If he can`t be faithful then why should I? I would say every woman deserves a husband that is faithful to her and keeps promises he has made to her. I believe that when you marry someone you commit yourself 100% to only that person. In my view marrying more than once will be breake that commitment. So why stay with a person who can`t keep what he promises.

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