Trust and respect goes hand in hand..

I believe respect is about treating the other person nicely without having any reason behind you being nice to them 🙂 You don`t want anything in return. Sometimes one do meet people in your surroundings that do have hidden agendas. I have a difficult time trusting these kinds of people. Trust and respect goes hand in hand. When I can`t trust them, or let me put like this; I know they are not sincere. To treat these kinds of people with respect is so difficult. That`s because “pal me masa pal me tĂĽla”. You don`t know what their real intentions are. Or if they really mean what they say. I try my best to avoid these kinds of people. But when they are in your surroundings, it`s damm hard to avoid them, isn`t it? Even more difficult if they are in your family.

So what I do is I take everything they say with several pinches of salt 🙂 When any of these people talk to me i answer as briefly as possible. I don`t want to have any conversation with them at all. Though “respect ke daire” me reh kar jawab milein gha. My point is 🙂 I don`t want to be their friend 🙂

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