I wish i was a butterfly :)

Shifting my ways through all the flowers

Looking for you throughout the passes

So calm and so free

Can fly wherever they want to be

From each and every, I would fly by

I would think, Is this my Jaanu?

Is it him? Is it this guy?

But when I come close to see

Its only others I can see

You`re always in my thoughts

Did u know that??

And when I think of you, my heart smiles

These smiles are so precious to me

It brightens up any day or time

No matter how grey it may seem

If its day or night

Thinking of the day I can see you smile

It warms my soul

And keeps it alive

One day I know I will fly to you

And we will be together for always

It is the true essence of truth.

Inshallah  Ameen sum ameen

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